Calming Kit Testimonials

“I cannot thank you enough for your calming kits that you gave my family. I feel like children’s mental and emotional health has taken such a toll since March of 2020. Being both a preschool teacher and parent to two young children I know the importance of being able to help children regulate their emotions and express themselves in a safe and positive way, and your bags help to do just that! The quality of the materials was so impressive! Here are a couple pictures of my daughter who loves using her calming kit at both school and at home. Thank you again for your dedication to children, I truly appreciate you taking the time to help make children a priority! “

– Amanda

“I just wanted to let you know that my eight-year-old son loved you’re Calming kit. It’s super helpful on a long car ride, appointment I need to take him on, doctor appointment when he’s nervous, supermarkets, and everywhere else that is overstimulating for him. It’s so helpful to find something that is not just an electronic to help him be able to stay calm. It helps us to engage with him and help him learn to self-regulate his emotions. There are so many things in there that he can use with other people so it’s very helpful with his language pragmatics deficit. “