Our Mission:

Empower Children for Success’s mission is to promote the overall healthy development of children within the North Central Massachusetts region by working in collaboration with school systems, childcare providers, government agencies, and other organizations.

Our Vision:

All adults who take care of our children in the North Central County will have the comprehensive support that they need to be able to effectively care for our children ages zero to  twelve for them to thrive.

Peer Learning Network

We facilitate learning communities based on the needs of parents, child care providers, and other community members to innovate and create positive changes in our community.

Please take the parent peer learning survey here.

Please take the provider peer learning survey here.

Referral Services

We help families find and get access to suitable child care and other comprehensive services available to them in the community. Please go to our referral page to get links to services available in our area.

Rights to public education and child care

We educate parents about how to advocate for their children’s need in the child care and public education systems  We collaborate with child care programs and the public school systems to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at school. Please go to our advocacy page to find information on how to advocate for your child’s educational needs.