Empower Children for Success is a nonprofit organization created to promote the overall healthy development of children within the North Central Massachusetts region by working in collaboration with school systems, childcare providers, government agencies, and other organizations.

Six happy children's faces


  •  To create training opportunities for childcare providers and parents based on their needs. 
  • To empower parents to learn about their rights and responsibilities. 
  • To make parents aware of the existing gaps in enrollment and school readiness, and of the gaps in the childcare and public school system, which are there due to income level, race/ethnicity, language barriers and lack of cultural awareness. 
  • 4. Promote the idea of a caring community – a community that supports the families of those who need childcare and those that provide it.

Image shows six teddy bears, three to a row. Five are colored shades of brown, the one in the center bottom row is shades of blue. The text reads: one in six children, aged two to eight years has a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder.