You can support us in the following ways:

Early Childhood Educators: We would love for early education and care professionals to join our movement. Contact us and help us advocate for the childcare and educational needs of children and families in our local communities and in the state of Massachusetts.

Families: We need parents, grandparents, foster parents, aunts, uncles and other extended families to join us in our effort to help our families and community members learn how to care for themselves and develop resilience.

Volunteers: Professional expertise needed.  If you have any expertise in accounting/tax flow, business plans/start up assistance, customer relations, financing/capital; legal issues, marketing/public relations, product development, strategic planning, tax planning, technology, and operations, then please contact us and help us grow our organization.

Donations: Please consider donating whatever you can afford to help support our mission. You can also help us raise funds by sharing this website with your families, colleagues and friends on your social media.

DONATE $100 for 1 Calming Kit

Your generous donation of $100 will allow us to purchase one anti-anxiety kit that is personalized to meet the individual needs of the child in need of a kit. Items in the kit may include one or more of these toys, supplies and materials such as calm down cards, small container of bubbles, chewelry, weighted stuffed animal, emotion cards, weighted blanket or soft blanket, scented playdough ), noise cancelling headphones, stress ball, water bottle with
a chewable straw, sound machine, slime or silly putty, fidgets, I Spy wand, kaleidoscope, book or a book about feelings, affirmations coloring book and crayons, liquid motion bubble timer, squishies, mini Etch-a-Sketch, palm massager, harmonica, smell bottles, textured sensory balls, and pinwheels.