Childcare graduates testimonials

“This course was a light on my path guiding me from start to finish with all the requirements I need to get a childcare license, helping me take first aid and CPR, ,; and getting informatio about CDA and system agencies”.

“I have already been working as a home childcare provider for about 9 months and I still receive information assistance that I sometimes need from this great team”.

“Through the course, they helped me carry out each of the trainings through Strong Start and to create the PQR. They offered me tutorials and they answered each of my questions”.

“They give you personalized assistance to fix the space where you are going to put the care”.

“I obtained my family childcare license by June 2022, after participating in this course it only took three months to obtain it, thanks to the support team of Empower Children for Success”.

“Thank you for sharing with us your valuable experiences and all the information you have, I obtained 12 university credits through the CDA class. I feel blessed knowing that I can stay home to take care of my special needs child and caring for other children; allowing me to do something very fulfilling”.